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 I have owned Great Danes since the mid 60's.  I am unable to fathom a life without them. Mantles and Harlequins are my choice of color.  I have, however, been honored to own and share a good portion of my life with fawns also.
     Mantles and Harlequins are two of the six colors allowed in the conformation ring.  Although mantle to harlequin breeding's produce many different color combination's it is the allowable show colors that I breed for.  No color is rare nor should they be sold as such.  It has always been my desire to create only that which is closest to the Great Dane standard keeping their original intent in mind.  Today's Dane is a family companion and should always be sound in body and mind.
      In my opinion there is no better place to purchase a Great Dane puppy than from a show breeder.  These breeders have taken the extra measures necessary to produce correct type and temperament required by the standard.  If a show breeder is able to get two show puppies from a litter of ten they have succeeded.  Obviously the pet puppies still need wonderful forever homes. When purchasing a pup from a show breeder you are usually blessed with a forever relationship of support, education and mentoring should you decide to enter the show world.  It's a great sport whether it's conformation, obedience or agility.
     I must take a moment to let you know I do not support PETA/HSUS or any affiliate organizations.  I believe the terms adopt and guardianship were  meant for humans.  Not animals. 

I treat all of my pets humanely.  They are my companions and live in my home as a unit of our family.  Again, Welcome to my world.  It's a magical place to be.


J. Marilyn Tasky




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